Aneil Tripathy

Personal Biography

I am a PhD student in anthropology at Brandeis University. My research is focused in economic and environmental anthropology, with a particular interest in finance, its dynamics and its socioeconomic effects. Social change fascinates me, and I believe that the financial industry is having a tremendous impact on processes of change in our society.

Gardening is my passion, and it teaches me that imposing one’s will on the world is much less fruitful than trying to learn about the world and reinforcing the positives from what is already around us. Instead of neat manicured gardens I love entangled complexity, and I view this as the real order of our cosmos.

Professional Biography

Aneil Tripathy is the Academic Coordinator at the Climate Bonds Initiative, where he manages academic relationships and research projects. The Climate Bonds Initiative is an international, investor-focused not-for-profit, working solely on mobilizing the $100 trillion global bond market for climate change solutions.

Aneil is currently completing his PhD in economic anthropology at Brandeis University where his research focuses on the development of climate finance and the dynamics of the green bond market. Aneil has been a visiting researcher at Cass Business School, University College London, and Lancaster University. He has worked in climate finance for four years and has training in environmental economics, ethnographic research, and systems thinking.